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Welcome to the all-new Automotive Servicing App Souq Sayara

The one and only one of its kind. A bridge between customers and car service providers.

You, probably, have heard of various online automotive servicing channels and Apps before. But not of this kind. The concern is how we are different from the rest?

Let’s find an answer together. Various automotive servicing channels, websites or apps provide services of one kind or another, with a limited scope, limited-service providers or garages, limited services provision and limited targeting areas or locality. This is the point that defines the position and superiority of Souq Sayara among all of them. Souq Sayara is aiming at providing quality services with a marvelous approach and minimalistic cost solutions to all your automotive disrupters and problems wherever and whenever you needed.

Souq Sayara is all about your convenience and solutions to your problems, providing services and ensuring quality, right at the spot where the problem has occurred and halted your journey towards the destination. Souq Sayara is being built by keeping in mind the needs and requirements of our targeted audience irrespective of the background, niche, domain or profession, and irrespective of the class you belong. We are One Stop Solution to all your problems. If you are looking for a Quality Garage, Repair Services of All Kind, Battery Services, Towing Services, A/C Repairing services, Oil Change services, Fuel delivery services, Car Wash services, Auto Detailing service, Mobile Mechanics, Pick and Fix services, Car accessories, Rental services and Windshield repairing services, we are here to serve you anywhere in UAE with the availability of 24/7. That’s why we call us The One Stop Solution to all your problems.

Not only this, Souq Sayara is registering and listing quality service providers and garages to ensure the quality provided to our customers as well as helping the service providers and garages to make a customer base and grow their business, earn more revenues and target wider markets. So, why are lagging behind and what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and register your services with us, grow your market and earn reputable profits.

SouqSayara With this inclusive approach is working with a motto of “We Discover, You Explore”. So, let’s explore the solutions to your problems with our discovered quality service providers.

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About Us

The world is now Mobile and Global Village, with lightning-fast communication channels and minimized distances. The story begins right when the cars are introduced into our lives, the world has now become a much smaller place as we already mentioned “A Global Village” as we can now travel long distances, reach far-flung places in hours rather than days. That is, simply Incredible.

But a halt comes in that smooth going and destination capturing, when our vehicles crave for a repair or maintenance job, we often find ourselves wasting hours on long downtown drives or fruitless online researches to locate that one provider who can get the job done. But, here, Souq Sayara is a perfect solution to all automotive problems and hurdles in the way of a smooth journey.

SouqSayara is duly committed to save your precious time and efforts by avoiding this unnecessary hassle and assist you to connect with the best local garages and service providers on an easy to access and common platform. Souq Sayara allows you to find One-Stop Solutions to your automotive problems of any kind by connecting you with the best automobile service providers based on a trustworthy rating system and customer reviews to offer you a wide range of services in categories like:

  • Repair Garage
  • Tire Shops
  • Oil change services
  • Battery Services
  • Auto A/C repairing
  • Spare Parts Dealers and availability
  • Window tinting services
  • Car washing centers
  • Recovery service providers i.e. towing services and backups
  • Mobile Tire service provider
  • Mobile car washing services
  • Auto Detailing Shops
  • Windshield repairing shops
  • Car Care & Car Accessories shops
  • Auto Body shops
  • Car rental companies
  • Mobile mechanics
  • Pick & Fix service providers
  • Mobile fuel delivery

SouqSayara offers you fully transparent location-based options with an economical approach and higher customer satisfaction graph deduced through positive customer ratings, especially as a customer. Not only this, but Souq Sayara also equips you with the ability to accept open car service jobs, repair and maintenance jobs as well as spare parts or fuel delivery jobs, and recovery services like towing, etc. as an automobile service provider… with the ease of using your mobile phone!

Yes, we bridge the gap between customers and car service providers and ensure the best and quality services according to our customer’s needs and budget within their local area and with the availability of 24/7.

Find solutions to any of your car-related problems in minutes through the ultra-fast mobile platform of SouqSayara.

SouqSayara… We Discover, You Explore!

Attention All Auto care Service Providers:-

Welcome to souq sayara the new 2019 online Automotive service App designed specifically to benefit Auto care service Industry.

Great benefits for Garages, Auto workshop and Mechanics.

Listing your Car Repair Servicing on our website which is free , quick & easy way to promote your business online, and generate new customers to your business.


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How it’s Works?

Souq Sayara offers you to explore the wide options of car repair services and maintenance services ranging from body works, to engines works, paints and tires and battery services up to various services like Window tinting and insurance as well as cars buying and selling options. With this much availability and graph, it requires to build a comprehensive, inclusive and customer-oriented platform that serves in the best interest of customers, and mild them to come to our platform again and again.

SouqSayara is an extraordinary and customer-oriented platform with the ease of logging on using your mobile phone and explore every type of service or provider to get your service or maintenance works done quickly and efficiently. Souq Sayara allows you to access local service providers at anytime, anywhere and with marvelous approach of service provision at your doorstep or in the middle of your journey where the problem halted you travel.

You may be wondering how to access these bunch of services… Here is the way. Log on to Souq Sayara App by using your mobile phone and access the world-class and trustworthy services of all kinds whatever the manufacturer model you are using. We have solutions for you with the best, experienced and timid garages and service providers list, from which you can opt one of your choices.

With the Souq Sayara App, you can explore a bunch of options of garages and lists with their ratings and popularities, so does depend on your budget and kind of service you are looking for. We have solutions for all your problems and difficulties with numerous service providers and quality personnel teams eyeing on getting your work done in minutes.

So, explore the services and opt the suitable one for your problem and connect with them through Souq Sayara App, get in touch with them and get your difficulties erased and solved in no time. Make sure to rate your experience with us and with our service providers as this feedback values a lot to us and to our service providers. It builds a reputable profile and builds a strong and trustworthy customer base for future collaborations.


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